Most reliable ultra-compact camera?

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Re: Most reliable ultra-compact camera?

sinoslav wrote:

I'm about to go on a month-long trip to Mexico and I want to bring an ultra-compact point-and-shoot with me. (My only digital camera right now is a D7000 and I don't want to lug it around on the trip.) My criteria are:

  • wide-angle lens (ideally 24mm, though I'd settle for 28mm)

  • very small size -- at most 7-8 ounces

  • great reliability, as I don't want it breaking halfway through the trip

  • cost

  • good picture quality, of course

I have the Oly XZ-1 which is a marvelous advanced compact but it is not as small.

If I was shopping for a ultra-compact I would buy the Olympus TG-1 iHS (BH says they will have it in a week):

  • 25mm-100mm lens ( f 2.0 at wide end)

  • very small

  • rugged waterproof camera

  • GPS

  • 10 fps at full resolution

  • Olympus JPEGS

  • Fast AF (Olympus announcement said "same FAST AF system technology found in Olympus PEN® cameras" )

(the last item was the primary reason this camera caught my attention).

Though notice that this is a real point & shoot: No A-S modes, no RAWs. There are 2 C modes in the dial, but I couldn't find out what they do.

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