Please shed some light on tweeking files for printing

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Re: Time for Andrew to get "crystal clear" about PPI vs DPI

Thanks for the two links.

Eric Chans name and the MIT connection rang some bells for me. Found I had downloaded a swag of info in March 2009-Epson 3800: Printer and Resources. Had forgotten that I had that still so that was a useful prompt, thanks!

Reading it at the time had the effect of steering me away from the 3800 and into A4 Canon, which is where I stayed for a long while. All through that time I stayed in contact with the folks I eventually bought the 3880 off. last week. They are strong advocates for Epson. Whereas, I am averse to 'tribalism' and protect my independence fiercely! So just to assert my freedom I bought an Artisan 730 multifunction. to test Epson ink & paper for myself. That little beauty had me considering printing larger myself, and both Bob.P and Jtoolman pushed me over the a nice way I hasten to add.

I will re read, as I have evolved and grown a tad in the intervening years, may even be a bit more mellow

Still on the fence with Lr4. love 3! PS5 ext seems to have MOST of what PS6 offers, although a bit enhanced.........maybe in six months or so?


It is a small world
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