Not excited about my D800

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J Mankila
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Fair points...

moving_comfort wrote:

J Mankila wrote:
Sure, but why all the low-level vitriol towards the OP?

Probably due to the fact that when one is angered, it is tough to keep one's head level and come up with constructive criticism. Conversation often deflates to simple taunts, which don't generate much else than more knee-jerk reactions, e.g. simple taunts...

Of course, there are people who will attack him simply because they have a D800 and feel violated when someone detracts the camera. I really don't think that's a good reason to be angered.

I don't agree with his assessment of the camera at all, but I do see some value in the original post - there are a percentage of folks on the edge of buying a D800 who he may have spoken to here; people who might let excitement over a new device affect their judgement about whether or not they really even have a use-case for it.

In that sense I think you're spot on. Many that I know (myself included) have felt some degree of "This is it?" when buying new gear, be it photography, audio, car or motorcycle related (holds true with girls' toys as well). But, personally, I think it's needed to counter the aforementioned 'buzz', so that we can keep a level head with any purchases that we make.

Sometimes even with all the data out there it takes buying/trying something before clarity takes hold. Maybe he saved some folks that step.

Let's hope so. But it might also be that all the criticism will make people wary of making huge expectations and getting caught up with hype. If that's the case, it's a negative experience that will produce positive results.

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