Not excited about my D800

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The responses get an aggregate C+.

J Mankila wrote:

Absolutic wrote:

Paul427 wrote:

These forums should be open for honest sharing of views and concerns, not a place for venting which just clutters up otherwise interesting threads. If you do want to criticize a member, perhaps you should educate yourself a little about him before doing so.

Thanks Paul, I've been a dpreview member here on forums since 2004, and these had to be the roughest responses yet.

You have any idea why that is? Could it be because your approach to the camera has been to drown yourself in hype, building unreasonable images and then crying out when you didn't get your instant 'buzz'? That's the modern consumption behaviour for you.

It seems you don't treat the camera as a means to make photos, but rather an item to be owned, looked at and fiddled with. You're basically faulting the camera when you really should be looking at the mirror, evaluating your expectations and re-evaluating the D800 features as they relate to your photography (online sharing, for which there is little need for critical AF accuracy, let alone more than 8MP - which you should've known well in advance).


Sure, but why all the low-level vitriol towards the OP?

I don't agree with his assessment of the camera at all, but I do see some value in the original post - there are a percentage of folks on the edge of buying a D800 who he may have spoken to here; people who might let excitement over a new device affect their judgement about whether or not they really even have a use-case for it.

Sometimes even with all the data out there it takes buying/trying something before clarity takes hold. Maybe he saved some folks that step.

Remember, he's describing his experience with the camera, which has no bearing on your experience with it.

(My experience: I'm as happy with the camera as this little guy is with his self-administered tattoo! )

(casual snap today with the 180, f/5.6 ISO 720 1/250s)

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