Best Circular Polarizer?

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Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

I have a B+W in 67mm, an old Tiffen in 52mm, and old Hoya in 52mm, and a Marumi in 77mm (and a no-name in 49mm).

The B+W and Marumi are very good. Easy to clean, easy to turn, and I do not notice any color casts, flare problems or IQ issues.

The old Hoya is the worst - hard to clean and I can see a small drop in sharpness. The Tiffen is uncoated and has a few scratches (very faint), but I use it over the Hoya.

If I ever need to buy new again, I would get Marumi - outstanding CPL for the price. If I went into some hot humid places all the time (jungles), I would get the B+W Kaeseman, which is sealed so that no separation takes place.

Try Adorama, B&H or for used. You can sometimes find good deals on used filters and rings.

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