faststone. as a beginner i like but why?

Started Jun 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
jezsik Senior Member • Posts: 2,573
FastStone is an organizer with some excellent editing features

Like Sailor Blue says, FastStone is a good file organizer, but it's not a full featured editor. PaintShop Pro is an excellent editor, but I don't like its file organizer. So, I use both. If I have to resize and make minor adjustments on an image to post to the web, I'll just do the job in FastStone. If I want to do a lot editing, I open the file in PaintShop.

Start with FastStone as it's free and easy. When you realize that you need more features, try PaintShop Pro (free for thirty days).

If you want to edit RAW files, that's a whole 'nuther matter! You need a RAW editor. Fortunately, FastStone enables you to launch a file and direct it into another editor with ease (once you set it up).

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