finally the perfect len for SD1

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magneto shot wrote:


magneto shot wrote:


Leica recently launched the 50 mm APO 2.0 lens and claim that it is the best 50 mm lens they have ever made with MTF chart to prove .

Reviews i read seems to indicate that the lens is way above even the M-Monochrome Leica and it crossed my mind what if this lens is used on the SD1 ?

Anyone able to use M mount glass on SD1 yet?

NOBODY HAS AND NOBODY WILL . Leica M lenses have a flange distance of only 27.80 mm and when placed on a camera with 44 mm of flange distance , like the SD1 , it will be only good for macro work but unable to focus past medium distances at the most.

Sorry , try some Leica-R instead. If Apo is what you want the smallest focal length that you will find is the Apo 90f2 Summicron-R ASPH. A very desirable one but extremely expensive.

well getting this reply from you means all hope is gone. perhaps sigma should consider creating a new SD1 that uses M mount lens in the first place, nobody would complain even if its sold at USD 4k. I am very very very curious of the combination of leica glass and Foveon, your site is the closest thing i have seen.

They should make a compact camera that uses M lenses , such as a Sigma DP-M.

For the SD1 you can already find solutions to use other lenses such as the Leica-R or Contax or even Zeiss ZF

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i see nikon-c/y-adapter.

do you have also one with lens removed? could result in better closeups. infinity is then lost.

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