Macro advice needed

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Re: Macro advice needed

Thank you both for your replies.


The primary subject matter is going to be botanical. Insects and other moving subject, though interesting, would take more a little more experience in macro photography than we have at this point. That being said, I could see her really enjoying the possibility of moving into insects, where I suspect the newer 150mm with both the reach and faster AF would help.

The Canon 500D hadn't even crossed my radar, I will look into that some more, sounds very interesting. And as far as extension tubes, i was hoping to avoid them. Wouldn't I have to get an old manual lens with an aperture ring in order to control the aperture?


When you mentioned you were primarily using manual focus, were you shooting stationary subjects? I have to imagine it can get extremely frustrating framing an insect with manual focus and using live view just to have him move a little. Though I guess the wind does that to me often enough with the flowers we shoot and I am in manual focus. Also, would you say there wasn't much difference when it comes to sharpness? Where you on a DX or FX body?

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