The BEST keyboard for typing

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Microsoft Wired Keyboard 200 for Business (White)

It's currently $12.59 at Amazon, and qualifies for Prime shipping.

Don't be fooled by the price. I've been using one for a year. It has dished keys, which make touch typing easy. And it's one of the few white keyboards available. Easy to read the letters. The keys have just the right feel.

Closest thing I could find to an original IBM PC keyboard.

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Earthlight wrote:


Sorry if this is a bit OT but I'm interested in hearing about your experiences with keyboards.

I use one for hours and hours everyday. I have, in fact, managed to erode the plastic around some of the keys on my trusty old KeyTronic.

I like the feel of the Keytronic but wonder if there are better choices out there. Of course, I realise this is highly subjective and I need to try some myself.

So, if you type a lot, what's your choice?

Logitech? Microsoft? Labtec? Keytronic? Which model and why?


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