Not excited about my D800

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Re: Lance/Russ

Paul427 wrote:

I have seen a lot of criticism of the OP on this thread, and to my mind most of it is unjustified. People seem to be flying off the handle and belittling his photography skills and/or knowledge without any basis.

I for one have seen many of the great photos he has posted and really appreciated the eye for composition and level of skill demonstrated, with a variety of cameras. He posted some great photos of Paris, for example, a year or two ago, taken with the D7000. My impression is that Absolutic is an experienced and excellent photographer not at all deserving of the kind of criticism being leveled here just because he expressed less than 100 percent enthusiasm for the latest and greatest from Nikon.

These forums should be open for honest sharing of views and concerns, not a place for venting which just clutters up otherwise interesting threads. If you do want to criticize a member, perhaps you should educate yourself a little about him before doing so.

Well said!

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