Time Machine: Bad Lightroom Import: Reverse somehow or Restore?

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Re: Time Machine: Bad Lightroom Import: Reverse somehow or Restore?

vdotmatrix wrote:

well, by following the ADOBE instructions and changing to "old" file....that import is GONE.
What is also gone is a Lrcat4 from a time of and before the import.
Here is the log:
Sumitra: Hello. Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.

Sumitra: I have received your query. Please allow me a moment to verify your account and to review the details of your request.
vincent penoso: yes thank yuou !

Sumitra: As I understand you want to know if you can delete the previous import collection in Lightroom4, Is that correct?

vincent penoso: PARTLY yes, but will that bring me back to where I was before the import.
Sumitra: Thank you for confirming.
vincent penoso: yw
Sumitra: I will be glad to check and help you with this.
vincent penoso: I am dying here! thanks
Sumitra: May I know the original location of the Lightroom catalog?

vincent penoso: the HD had about 12,000 images and after the import I end up with 41,000 images ...mostly duplicates
vincent penoso: location is on my computer> pictures folder> lightroom
vincent penoso: Not "my computer" but on my Mac computer's picture folder
Sumitra: Okay.
vincent penoso:
Sumitra: Please allow me 2 minutes.
vincent penoso: thank you
Sumitra: Thank you for your patience.
vincent penoso:

Sumitra: Vincent, I just checked with my resources and there is no option to remove the similar images in Lightroom.
vincent penoso: PLEASE listen to my question
vincent penoso: are you ready
Sumitra: Yes.

vincent penoso: If I delete the contents of the "previous import" collection located under quick collection, will this remove this import as if it did not happen?

vincent penoso: I do not care about the duplicates. I just want to delete that import and start over and do it the right way.
vincent penoso: Do we understand each other
Sumitra: Okay.
vincent penoso:

Sumitra: You need to remove the previous import and do a new import, Is that correct?
vincent penoso: yes...mostly just delete the last import.
Sumitra: Okay.
vincent penoso: thank you so much
Sumitra: Please close all the Adobe Applications. vincent penoso: thank you
vincent penoso: closed

Sumitra: In the Finder, choose Go > Go To Folder. Sumitra: In the Go To Folder dialog, type Library
Sumitra: Click Go.
vincent penoso: k
Sumitra: Are you in the Library folder?
vincent penoso: y
Sumitra: Please open the Preferences folder from Library folder.
vincent penoso: ok done
Sumitra: Do you see any folder in name Adobe Lightroom settings?
vincent penoso: NO. only illustrator and PS
Sumitra: Okay.
vincent penoso: and fireworks
Sumitra: Do you see any file in name com.adobe.lightroom.plist?
vincent penoso: com.adobe.Lightroom4.plist
Sumitra: Please do rename the file to com.adobe.Lightroom4.plist old.
vincent penoso: com.adobe.Lightroom4.plist old
vincent penoso: with a space after plist?
Sumitra: Yes.
vincent penoso: there is no period after plist right?
Sumitra: Yes
vincent penoso: okay doing it now!
Sumitra: Okay.
vincent penoso: okay
vincent penoso: it did it
Sumitra: Please try to launch the Lightroom now.
Sumitra: Check if you have the previous imports.

vincent penoso: It says now please upgrade LR3 catalog for use with LR4: upgrade destination:Lightroom 4 Catalog-2.lrcat
vincent penoso: so I should upgrade right?
vincent penoso: will this only affect the previous import
Sumitra: Do you have an option to skip this step?
vincent penoso: 3 options: choose a different cat.,quit, or upgrade
Sumitra: Try with choose a different catalog.
vincent penoso: it will upgrade the current LR3 or a previous LR3 backup....
Sumitra: Okay.

vincent penoso: So will this wipe out everything I have done in LR4 since this accident?
this is all I recorded.....

How many .lrcat files do you have on your machine? You can search using the Finder, just type lrcat in the search bar up in the right corner on a Finder Window...

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