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Re: Now we are stuck with the film for the life of the camera...

CurtisLewis wrote:

... The big lesson I see that is lost on many that weren't fortunate enough to use film, let alone a darkroom, is that even as good as their 16+megapixel digital's still no replacement for the clarity and rich colors of ecktachrome or the ranges of real b&w film. Sure, they will respond with tech specs to try and prove otherwise, but it's just not the same and I don't expect everyone to understand that.

I'm one of the ones who understands. I still shoot film (started in 1970). When I scan my print film or transparencies and look at the result at 100%, I often think, "Boy, compared to digital at 100%, that looks pretty awful."

But then, I print. And I print big ... bigger than I would dare go with the majority of my DSLRs ... and those same "awful-at-100%" images look just terrific ... richer, fuller, more lifelike than I generally can capture with digital (although my Olympus E's come pretty close ... closer than my Canon or Nikon digitals).

Film is expensive, slow, messy and full of dust no matter how hard I try to clean the film before scanning. But whenever I have the patience to deal with film, I'm simply ecstatic about the result.

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