Sony 1˝ sensor fixed zoom leaked

Started Jun 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony 1˝ sensor fixed zoom leaked

Interesting little camera but that's a very limiting wide angle limit for how I use my compacts, so I'd not have any interest in it. I like more competition, however, as it will push the others to make theirs even better.



MadsR wrote:

highwave wrote:

The interesting bit is the wide end working at 1.8. Also the weight is spot on at 240g

"wide" end... yes, at 30mm... call that wide again.

Depending on price this looks like danger for cameras like the gf5 and e-pm1

Quite possibly, I would argue that quite a lot of the buyers of these camera would not change lenses anyway, so to many of these people a fixed lens could be attractive. However it seems so far like Canon G1X have failed to make a huge impact on m43 market...

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