At the beach with A77 and 35mm f1.8

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Re: At the beach with A77 and 35mm f1.8

VirtualMirage wrote:

With exception to some minor issues, it looks great! I love my 35mm 1.8.


I would probably recommend cleaning up the CA/color fringing a little bit and that should improve the image even more.

I've already reduced the color fringing in LR, but the purple is still quite strong on the drops.
Any advice would be appreciated on how to enhance that in post processing

To minimize this out in the real world in the future, the lens improves greatly above an f-stop of f/2.2 and is almost all but gone at f/2.8. You'll still get a nicely blurred background, he'll sharpen up a little more, and you can still maintain a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action.

I'll give it a try next time

Unfortunately there is not much time to play with the settings with a two year old at the beach! There was no way to keep him in the same place for more than a few seconds

Worst case, bump it up to ISO 200 and your shutter speed will jump back up.

I was more interested by the blurred background (it was quite disturbing with smaller apertures) than getting so high in the shutter speeds - I'm sure 1/4000 would still work very well

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