If buying a new Printer today ...

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Re: If buying a new Printer today ...

AusPic wrote:

Hi Vernon,

I had really, REALLY hoped to avoid identifying the contenders and my final choice. The tools we use are so like extensions of our self in a way. In Marketing it is well understood and so advertising is pitched at the bait that particular demographic groups respond to.

BUT as you asked I guess I should say rather than being falsely coy.

Based on the criteria outlined above, I pared away all else, and focused on me and my foibles, strengths and weaknesses likes and dislikes as honestly as I could.

At the very core of my needs is the ability to use the media of my choice, in the way I wanted to and to drive the output format myself with a minimum of fuss.

I chose an Epson 3880, it has a history, its proven itself over time and has the flexibility I require.

If my volume of output were to change, or my target expand beyond A2, I would be back at square one again.

Andrew G

Andrew, thanks for your post. The Epson 3880 is an excellent printer and should meet most people's needs unless it is necessary to print on paper wider than 17 inch or the use of Roll papers is absolutely required.
Enjoy your printer.....

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