The distracting red AF points

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The distracting red AF points

With all the talk of AF problems lately it occurred to me that even though I know the size and approximate boundaries of my center AF point that red square still infers (to my brain at least) that whatever is under it is in focus. I know this is not necessarily the case but the abrupt appearance of a bright red square is hard to ignore. So... I shut it off. It's not really the AF lock indicator anyhow, that is the green hexagon in the VF.

I find that I do a better job of mentally analyzing the whole AF point area this way. I already know I'm using the center point, but now I have to really look at the center of the VF and think about what the AF may be locking onto.

I was already accustomed to this on my K-x which does not have the red AF point indicators. My did that design choice cause a howl in the camera world as though nobody could live without blinking red dots!

I understand that you want to know which AF point the camera has chosen if you are using multi-point AF but I virtually always use center only so I really don't need the red square to tell me I've chosen the center.

Give it a try. You may find your AF technique improving as you ignore the dead center of the VF and actually look at the whole area enclosed by the ( ) etching and ask yourself "what could the camera be locking on?"

The ( ) etching is not the exact size of the center AF point and it can vary slightly from body to body BUT it is a MUCH better approximation than the silly little red square.

Just a thought.

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