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Re: Thanks for your comments

corneaboy wrote:

You certainly know a lot about photography.

I'm sure I could learn a lot by seeiing some of yoour shots of a bird leaving its perch against the sky. With kind thanks.

I don't shoot BIF. I'm primarily, but not exclusively, an action shooter. Cycling, snowboarding, motorcycle track days, greyhounds at speed, etc.

That said, your question is about exposure and tracking. Which all action photogs have to deal with due to the semi-predictable nature of a particular sport. While I'm sure a bird departing a perch has some uniqueness, the tracking and exposure questions are fairly simple to answer. Re read my previous post as well as the posts in the thread about AF point selection and target acquisition. (51 point dynamic is probably not your best choice)

For examples of a fast moving target against a stark background, see my below images. Snowboarders are moving at 30mph plus. I've set exposure and made a few test shots long before I must get the shot. Then, I lie in wait. Many times behind a knoll where I THINK the rider might be when I raise the camera to my eye. When they come into view, I'm acquiring them and shooting within a second. FYI - I never ever use 51 point dynamic and am in full manual.

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