Anyone use wireless strobe [flash] triggers on a KM7D?

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Re: Anyone use wireless strobe [flash] triggers on a KM7D?

Hi Jim,

Yep, the Yongnuo RF-603C's are interchangable. I'm still waiting on a new hotshoe adapter to see if that does the trick.

Seems those adapters can be DOA quite often - but I guess that's what you get when you pay $5 for them

Off topic - I wonder if I'm the only one still shooting with just the KM7D ?!


Jim N'AZ wrote:

Simon, No, my Cactus V5 triggers don't use the Minolta proprietary foot, but utilize the conventional ISO foot/shoe arrangement. I use the original Minolta FS-1100 adapter on my 7d whenever needed.

BTW, are your triggers transceivers (interchangable) like the Cactus V5 or are they separate transmitters and receivers?
Regards, Jim

Simon Rutgers wrote:

Thanks Jim.

I've ordered a new hot shoe adapter which explicitly states in the description that it can be used for wireless triggers. It somehow implied to me that there may be some hot shoe adapters out there which aren't compatible.

Fingers crossed.

So do Cactus make triggers which fit straight onto the KM7D, and also into generic brand flashes?

[I'll Google it in parallel to waiting for a response].

And no worries about the fish/bowl - happy to go along with any story you need to make up


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