Not excited about my D800

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Re: Counselor, what's your goal here?

I totally agree with other posters, if you are someone on the fence, you should be renting to brrowing a friends D800 to check out before making a 3K investment. Even if that was a bad decision, there are many avenues for re-sale right away cutting your losses.

Also note that Nikon had clearly indicated the D800 is NOT a REPLACEMENT for the D700, so who asked you to try to Replace your D700 with a D800 !

I for one are more than happy, I moved from a D200 to a D800, the color rendition is simply uparalled right out of the camera, in effect my post processing time per photo has reduced.

About additional stuff....

Is it eating up HD space - sure, should I have a faster machine - why not, your needs can be endless, you can continue to rationalize that you need a faster car, a bigger home, boat etc,etc dude get a grip and be realisic.

If you have a good investment in Nikon FX lenses and your shooting is of Landscape in nature and looking for a FF camera, I am quite doubtful you can find anyhthing better than the D800, sure you can wait for a D600, think of all the photos you caould have shot between now and then !

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