When was the end of Black & White?

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Re: When was the end of Black & White?

Gordon W wrote:

For me personally, black & white (B&W) completely ended with my first digital camera in 1999 and I was only too happy to bid B&W farewell.

Before that, my B&W shooting ended for all practical purposes when I closed my darkroom in 1987 and all film processing (mostly for product shots and photography for ads, brochures, catalogs, etc, and all in color) went to labs.

For the general public, B&W ended when color processing of their snapshots cost no more than B&W. 1950s to 1960s?

For the serious photographer who processed his own work and shot B&W only because of the difficulty and expense of processing color, B&W ended for them, like myself, with the arrival of affordable digital, when color became easier than B&W.

There will always be a niche group of photographers who prefer film and those who prefer B&W, but they are a small percentage of today's photographers as evidenced by what's posted on photo sharing sites that cater to serious photographers, like Smugmug for instance. You'll find very little B&W on them.

On the other hand, if you look at major photo exhibitions of famous photographers you will see a strong representation of B&W.

To me, B&W is lifeless compared to color. That's not to say there aren't exceptions. I do occasionally process a B&W image in this digital age, but rarely. Like this B&W conversion...

...of this shot...

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