Not excited about my D800

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Re: Lance/Russ

Lance B wrote:

Fred Mueller wrote:

boy you guys are condescending ! Not attractive.

I am sorry that you feel that way, Fred, but it is not condescention at all, it is incredulity. After reading the OP's thread opener, I find it difficult to believe that someone could buy such an advanced camera and yet not know things like:


I just think the OP is either:

  • not advanced enough to know how to use it, which begs the question, why would anyone buy such a camera.

  • is being deliberately provocative and playing dumb

I also find it surprising that someone would post such a thread about it.


Wow... amazing response. Condescending doesn't begin to describe it. 'Dripping with arrogance' is a more apt description. I for one appreciate the OP's honesty and questions. Forums like this should be places where OP's like this can ask questions like this without being shamed into feeling stupid.

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