My first X100 shots

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Re: My first X100 shots @jimwix

I love the way you can still tell so much about the people despite having so little detail. And I do like the in focus for ground on your shot.

geraldPP wrote:
I think your picture is need for a focused prop!

Here's one of mine which I think can be discarded in favor of yours

jimwix wrote:

geraldPP wrote:

Gorgeous set of pictures! Got to give my favourite 5 stars to the picture of the tunnel with the out of focus people...pure art for my eyes.

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for that. It was a good fun experiment that tunnel shot, I've been meaning to try this for a while. I love the shapes of the peolpe but I can see how to do it better, I think it needs something in focus in frame, may be the cobbles up front or another figure close in. I'd set the focus to 1m to ensure the people were out of focus but can probably go a bit further out.

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