Not excited about my D800

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Fred Mueller wrote:

boy you guys are condescending ! Not attractive.

I am sorry that you feel that way, Fred, but it is not condescention at all, it is incredulity. After reading the OP's thread opener, I find it difficult to believe that someone could buy such an advanced camera and yet not know things like:

  • The files are eating up his hard drive space? I mean, really?

  • He now finds out that the AF switching is different

  • It is only 4 fps instead of 8fps of the D700 with grip - how many posts were there about this supposed drawback?

  • He even states "I got D800, but I am not sure I am using all of its features. I very rarely print photos (once in a blue moon, upon vacation) so most of my use is online archiving and sharing with friends and family" . why would anyone purchase such a camera for this purpose?

  • AF is no better than the D700? It's only no better because he obviously doesn't take photos where the AF advancement of the D800 is being seen.

I just think the OP is either:

  • not advanced enough to know how to use it, which begs the question, why would anyone buy such a camera.

  • is being deliberately provocative and playing dumb

I also find it surprising that someone would post such a thread about it.
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