Which lens would you keep for a 7D?

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Re: 28 - 135mm can't get no respect

wow, thanks for all your response. I spent the last 20 minutes reading each post then my head started to hurt trying to absorb all the information.

To answer some of the questions (sorry if I missed any)

Keeping the XSI won't be an option. I've own the XSI for 3 years and took maybe 3500 shots out of it that'll change after the baby but not enough reason for here to keep an SLR I just got her a Sony TX10 which she keeps in her purse when we go out and usually leave the SLR at home especially trips where we have to do a lot of walking. So no no on two SLR in the house

The 50mm is only 6 months old and is as mint as mint can be. I'm only consider selling due to the fact that I now also have the 60mm F2.8 as well but why would I need that when I already have the 17-55 F2.8. the 60mm i can sell for around $350 and the 50mm around $80-90 buying the 50 f1.4 would be a wash. no money out of pocket

My main lens was the 18-200 lens paired with the XSI and the 50mm

All the other 3 lens was a package that I purchased from a friend for very well under market value for the package comparing to the used market of each lens. (nice to know people with $$)

The 60mm and the 28-135mm I have no experience with.

My thoughts... why keep a bunch of lens that I won't use enough to justify keeping it.

I know for sure I'd like a decent telephoto lens for events such as graduation or vacations where I need to take photos of distance objects. Or maybe one night I might go find a dark place and take photos of the sky.

By selling the 60mm i can sell for around $350 and the 50mm around $80-90 buying the 50 f1.4 would be a wash. no money out of pocket

The 18-200 is less than a year old and usually sell used for around $450 where I am and the 28-135 around for around $275-300 that would give me around 800 to pick up a telephoto lens.

I think with the 3 lens it would cover much of what I think I'd like to use it for.

The 50mm F1.4 i can use for Potraits of the baby or even nice videos

The 17-55 f2.8 for indoor parties shots or my walk around lens

The telephoto maybe 70-300 or 70-200. I like the idea of the 70-300 better due to the longer zoom and a few hundred cheaper. I've never used anything else other than canon lens and would mind saving a few pennies if I had to get a tamron of equal quality.

As I mentioned previous the 7D would probably last me a good 5 to 6 years before I decide to upgrade to anything else perhaps a 5D mark Ii or Mark III if the price drop or I win the lottery.

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