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Re: Seems 100% usable to me

How many mega-pixel is the D7000 sensor compared to the D800 ?

I think Nikon is skipping the lines because it could be too many pixels for the D800 processor to handle. It's either the processor is not fast enough or that it may suck up too much juice. Either way, I speculate it's a painful trade-off that Nikon has to take which created a little blemish to an otherwise perfect camera.

Horshack wrote:

tarnish wrote:

It doesn't have to look gorgeous, it just has to work.

And it does. I bought the camera to make pictures, not to just look at a 3.2" screen. And LV lets me easily nail the focus. It meets the need.

Since the people who hate the 800's LV the most have never touched a Nikon before this, you have to take into account the brand-specific baggage they are already carrying.

It gets the job done but there's something to be said about how the D800's LV interpolated feed gets in the way of the process of photography. As a landscape shooter I use LV all the time and the D800's digital artifacts interrupts the realism of the scene and constantly reminds me that I'm looking at a facsimile of the scene, whereas that's not the case in true 100% pixel LV representations. Btw, the D7000 has a true 100% pixel representation so the disappointment is not just from Canon shooters coming over to Nikon.

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