Has anyone sent D7000 to Nikon Vancouver?

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Re: Has anyone sent D7000 to Nikon Vancouver?

I bought mine on Nov. 2010 as well. My D7k has the same problem. Even with prime lenses, the AF fine tune value is depend on distance. One of my friend told me it took him one month to get his camera and lens back from the Richmond Nikon repair center.

I need my gears in the summer. I will send mine after Aug or Sep.

Good luck.

The Big One wrote:

Hello all,

I have had a D7000 since Nov 2010. Since day 1 it has had a back focus issue on all lenses, requiring (on average) a -8 AF fine tune adjustment. It is not a huge deal, since it does have the ability to adjust AF.

However, for zooms I notice that the focus point shifts with focal length. With it adjusted to -8, for instance, at the wide end I see front focus and at the long end I see back focus. It tends to mostly affect fast lenses (currently Sigma 50-150/2.8 and Sigma 100-300/4).

Since I am coming up on my 2 year warranty EOL, I am considering getting it fixed now. I have a few questions:

  1. Has anyone in Canada sent their camera to the Vancouver service depot? If so, what was the turnaround time / were the results successful?

  2. A more broad question, could getting the AF adjusted result in fixing the shifting focus points? I am not so much concerned about a -8 AF adjustment, but I would like to use my fast zooms across the entire range.

  3. Are there other advantages that people have seen when sending their first-batch D7000's in for AF tuning? (I.e. is it possible to get more accurate AF, etc)?

Any replies are most appreciated.

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