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Re: Well, before you get carried away here Luke...

JimPearce wrote:

I don't think you've presented a coherent, testable theory. To the best of my knowledge there has yet to be any measurable confirmation of parallel theories concerning high resolution mastering of audio and video. However, I accept the fact that subjectively D800 shots will look different.

I don't think I said anything about audio. It's a very different case with some superficial similarities. So I agree with you there.

The claim could be examined further. But it has its basis in some things that are more routine.

You'd accept that an optical low-pass filter is designed to pass low spatial frequencies and attenuate the high frequencies. It's designed for the purpose.

I think you could also be persuaded that a Bayer matrix will also have an affect on the limit of high spatial frequencies.

Would you agree that the MTF at the highest spatial frequencies, approaching Nyquist, for (let's say) at 12MP sensor space, is going to slope off due to the causes I mentioned above?

So we have a basis for the argument that there is a gap that a sensor like the D3/D700 leaves in the high frequency area. It's a gap that can be filled with additional image content.

Do you think a 36MP sensor with a weak AA filter could, after downsampling to 12MP, fill out the missing high spatial frequencies more completely?

As it turns out, we do see a higher MTF from the downsampled high resolution sensor in Erik K's studies at LuLa. The open question left for further investigation is what the actual content of the increased MTF region consists in. So you'd be right to suggest that there is more to be told in this story.

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