Wasabi Power OMD replacement batteries - Good stuff

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You're wrong

They might be fine batteries and I have been considering purchasing that same 2 battery kit from Amazon but it clearly states on the auction (both the second product photo and the Technical details below: "Note: Batteries are NOT decoded. Your camera will not display the battery's run time..."


So what are you talking about here? The previous poster was just pointing that out and you went in to this weird Betty Ford Clinic BS?

So yes, you're claim of taking 200 shots and not making a dent in the battery life are completely baseless as it seems that these batteries would not indicate a dent in battery life until they are almost drained.

Robbster wrote:


First, good move with your top secret code name, had no idea who you were at first (and strangely, still don't...)

FYI, My Wasabi batteries are certified graduates of the Betty Ford Clinic's 12 step program to kick the habit of instantly dropping to zero charge, else I would never have even considered them.

Now that I think about it, everyone should immediately throw away any batteries that have not passed this illustrious program, no matter how well they "seem" to work, because they could always backslide at any moment with absolutely no warning and become zero charge abusers again. Only Betty Ford Clinic certified batteries have a 100% guarantee against recidivism.

Considering the careful thought and detailed experiences that went into your posting, thought you might find this info fair exchange
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