How Much Would You Charge?

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DenWil Veteran Member • Posts: 3,009
Re: How Much Would You Charge?

18,000.00 $ US

Breaks down as follows:

One day run through/ prep. 4000.00

One day shoot. 8000.00

One day processing. 2000.00

One day edit and print/
or scan. 2000.00

One day presentation. 2000.00

Client owns all originals outright with full copyright.
Usage fees, material fees, third party service fees all inclusive.

Estimation based on 15-20% for expenses.
40% to federal income taxes. 10% to state income taxes.

Works out to a net average of 1080.00 $ US a day.

HobbiesAreFun said:

Whatever price you guys come up with will be reduced significantly to become what I ask from him, as it's really not about the money for me.

You'll always want to view the net amount before you start with price reductions. At what works out to a grand a day for a one off job with no residual career bounce, so to speak, I'd take the job only as a personal favor- and a friend of mine would only ask if it was very important.

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