Pana 35-100mm f2.8: will turn heads

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Re: I'm not so sure ..

bluelemmy wrote:

No its not, and anyone who thinks otherwise is either a moron, or not a photographer.

Pleasant little fellow aren't you

You are not a photographer, it seems but a technical obsessive. Take a look at my web pages and tell me I am not a photographer.

I have covered wars and famines, photographed the greatest musicians worked for many of the worlds biggest publications and record companies using cameras from 5x4 plate to Leica and everything between. Not once in my life have I sat down and worked out the equivalence of anything. I have eyes and an imagination, you see.

Equivalence will do nothing to help you become a great photographer. It simply helps you understand the differences between formats in the event you were considering using one over the other, or in addition to another.

By your lights most the greatest photographers in the world are either morons or 'not photographers'. Most good photographers will be on their way home with a prize winning picture before you have finished working out on your calculator what equipment you need.

A great race car driver need not be a mechanic, but it doesn't hurt to know how the car works, the differences between the different classes of vehicles, and how they relate to each other.

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