OM-D is infectious

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My demo ran out about a week ago. I like it, but prefer the organization in Aperture. I'm going to wait for the next version of Aperture - if it doesn't approach the quality of LR, I'm just going to bite the bullet and switch at that point.

coroander wrote:

My attitude has changed significantly with the OMD. The raw files seem to have a lot of leeway provided you took a good exposure to begin with. I don't have LR4, but am still able to pull the shadows up considerably with Aperture, and I'd say the low-light performance is close enough to my 5D to make arguing about it a bit silly (at least, silly in any forum except dpreview!).

Get LR4. I have tens of thousands of photos in Aperture so i have a considerable reason to stay, but i've started using LR4 now with the OM-D. Free trial:

You can pull out details from the shadows just by using the shadows slider in LR4 and it looks amazing even pulled to +100. You can achieve similar results in Aperture, but it requires a huge number of adjustments (other than just shadows) and frankly i can only seem to get 3/4 of the way there and only with the image pulled up in LR4 to guide me. If you just pull up the shadows to 100 in Aperture the photo will invariably look horrible and you'll never pull out the detail before it goes horrible.

The same applies to highlights, except LR does a better job, period. You won't be able to get all the colour back in Aperture that you can in LR. Where you've really blown the highlights, you'll not be able to pull back all the detail that you can in LR.

This doesn't just apply to the OM-D; but if you don't use LR (with both the OM-D and Canon images) you won't know how much better the OM-D really is

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