Not excited about my D800

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Re: Not excited about my D800

I'm wondering what the hell a D800 has to do with "walk about and walk / bike to school or daycare"???

Strange too that someone pulling in "EUR 1400 a day" would be having a prolonged problem locating a $3K camera. Perhaps Yakko needs to get back on that bike and pedal a bit harder..

ScottnLaguna wrote:

Well Jarkko, if those are your reasons for not living in the best country in the world, we understand and wish you the best. I know that living close to a school is the number one reason for why people choose the best country to live in. Most, if not all of our schools and daycare facilities are many kilometers away from any private residences. They are located only in areas that don't have a lot of people living nearby. You sir, should remain very content in Euroland.

Jarkko Haarla Jr wrote:

Well, I have been shooting for 30 years, I´m shooting for EUR 1400 a day, for EUR 7500 a week and there is no guessing needed for saying, that I´m happy for not living in the U.S. You know, I can send any of my kids or to school just by telling them to walk about and walk / bike to school or daycare.

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