I think the Olympus menu is clear and functional

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You can change the size of the focus rectangle

Assuming SCP is set on LCD, press button on side of EVF.

You will see a highlighted icon lower LHS. Tap it to cycle through the options (3 from memory).

One of them looks like a pointing finger over a rectangle; that's the one you want.

Tap anywhere on the screen to place your focus rectangle; Now on the RHS, a green bar appears; move up to 14x gives you the smallest focus rectangle.

Unfortunately it does not stick if you switch the camera off. It can be adjusted from 5x to 14x.

I agree with TEB re. speed of button push and menu structure, on the back of 30 years of shooting pro cameras AND a computer background. Love the camera, do not love the menu system. I want to know how any setting affects any other!

Nonetheless, sold the NEX-7 and am sticking with this for a while.
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