Be nice, but be honest

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Re: Be nice, but be honest

Jere Landis wrote:

If they've posted it on the internet, they think for some reason it is exceptional. You don't post family snaps on the internet, it would be flooded. It is also usually posted to demonstrate how their new expensive camera or lens has done. If it isn't done well, what then? Are you honest or just try and make them feel good.

Plenty of people post snapshots on the Internet. Not everyone is striving for fine art or professional results. Some people are just excited about the snapshots that their MFT gear can make and want to share them, nothing wrong with that. The value of photography is different for everyone.

That said, it's pretty easy to tell the difference between someone posting a snapshot and someone posting more serious work for which they want C&C. And even in the latter case, while I do not advocate false praise, remember that good criticism is as much about the work's strengths as it is about its weaknesses. Even an unsuccessful photograph usually has some redeeming qualities, so posting a bunch of negative thoughts is just trolling.

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