Successful wedding shoot wiht the SD1

Started May 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Successful wedding shoot wiht the SD1

Britton its good to hear Wedding and SD1 in the same post. I switched to a Canon 5D2 after the infamous price and availability issues. Im almost sold on the SD1M but what about buffer and shot write times? Is it fast enough to catch those important unposed moments where as the photographer you almost have to anticipate whats going to happen next. I don't want have "blown my load" on a bunch of shots then miss the actual moment while waiting for the camera to save and or catch up.

As for ISO im not too worried. Even with my 5D2 for weddings I have a wireless, off camera, fully manual Quantum flash with an assistant holding the light. With that set up especially for posed shots and reception shots I have no doubt the SD1 would shine... but then again focusing in low light? My SD15 couldn't focus correctly on a perfectly sunny day. How would you rate the new focus system in comparison?

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