USS Iowa shots from the Air

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Re: USS Iowa shots from the Air

Lemming51 wrote:
Nice, thanks for sharing!

  1. 1, the head-on shot, I'd rotate a few degrees so the ship isn't listing.

  1. 7 is a nice profile, I like that you have a yacht in the foreground for scale. I think shots 2,3,4, and 8 where you've framed or cropped to have the ship on a diagonal are very effective.

seansrs33 wrote:

Had the chance on Friday evening to go out on a helicopter and take pictures of the USS Iowa from the air. Here is a link to the pictures:

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Ty for the compliments on #7. I just thought it was interesting here you had this big ship and this little one next to it. 2,3,4 and 8 were taken as we were banking in the helo. Didn't really intentionally frame it on the diagonal that is just how it was taken.

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