Crumpler Bag quality....what happened?

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Re: Crumpler Bag quality....what happened?

Hey guys,

This popped up in our google alerts.

We here at Crumpler take all criticism on board and try to improve with customer feedback. Thanks for thinking of us and popping into the store.

We do want to let you know a few facts and then some reasons for why it may have appeared different to you:


  • outer material is the same

  • 150 denier heavy duty nylon fabric is the same

  • padding is the same with a few minor changes

Why does it feel different?:

We have used slightly less padding to save on size and weight. We used less pe board to give the bag a bit more of a softer feel. We rationalized the pocketing because it was over done and added way to much weight and bulk for no benefit. The front pocket works loads better and is actually useable. The Velcro silencers are re designed and much better. The dividers are much better and not as bulky. Overall the bag is a much better design, is lighter and is less bulky.

Regardless of what it felt like we still offer the lifetime warranty so we assure you the bags quality is still top notch.

Sorry to hear you've been turned onto a different company but we understand changing it up. Thanks for being a Crumpler customer!

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