E-M5 AF rectangle anomalies

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E-M5 AF rectangle anomalies

I have changed the central AF rectangle to the smallest size, but now I lose the histogram in the EVF. I have the eye sensor turned off. Here is what I did (I learned it somewhere in a post I saw awhile back):

1. Press the button on the side of the EVF to make the LCD active.

2. Touch the icon on the left that looks like a focus rectangle with a hand which causes a magnification bar to appear on the right side.

3. Use the touch screen to change the magnification to 14 which makes the focus rectangle the smallest size.

At this point you can press the button on the side of the EVF to make the EVF active again, if you want.

The bad part is that when I reduce the size of the focus rectangle the live view histogram which I have displayed disappears.

I discovered that when I turn off the camera and then turn it on or if the camera goes to sleep and then awakens the focus rectangle has, unfortunately, returned to the original large size. I also discovered that if I press the Fn2 button the focus rectangle will return to the small size I had set earlier. Whew, that's a relief since I don't want to have to go through all those steps every time I turn the camera on.

I have also discovered some strange things that may be bugs or it may be that I don't understand how it is supposed to work:

1. After the camera awakes sometimes the focus rectangle is still the small size, but sometimes it has returned to the large size.

2. After the camera awakes and I press Fn2 to return to the smaller focus rectangle and the histogram disappears sometimes if I press Fn2 again the larger focus rectangle returns and the histogram also returns and pressing Fn2 again will go back to the smaller focus rectangle and the histogram disappears. But, sometimes when I press Fn2 it will instead give me an enlarged (magnified) view. Pressing Fn2 again will go back to the normal view. In other words pressing Fn2 will sometimes switch between large focus rectangle/histogram and small focus rectangle/no histogram and sometimes pressing Fn2 will switch between enlarged (magnified) view and normal view.

Has anyone else seen these sorts of things? Does anyone have solutions? I am hoping that I have just configured some setting wrong or something like that.

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