Color issues with Epson 4800

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Re: Color issues with Epson 4800

Vernon, that's great advice. Thanks. Are there any particular recommendations on how to agitate? I suspect that's a silly question, but I wonder what yields the best results.

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

MBlasto wrote:
Thanks David. I will do another nozzle check per your recommendation.

The inks are Epson. However, they're older. They've been in the printer for a while. Can this contribute to my issue?

David Grabowski wrote:

tThe 4800 uses K3 inks without a "vivid" magenta. When ever I see a color issue with my 4800 it's almost always a minor nozzle issue where an auto nozzle check with cleaning fixes it. Not just a nozzle pattern check but the auto function which will clean the channel that is dropped out if one has. Mine has never required any furhter than this and it generally uses one sheet of paper to conduct this function, rarely two.

The other thought , is this printer using OEM ink ? If not all bets are off on color results without a custom profile.

Dwayne Anders wrote:

You have different inks in the two printers. The 4800 has Ultrachrome and the 3800 has K3. This might be what you are seeing. Otherwise, do a power cleaning on the 4800 if you know you used the right profiles.

Good Luck

I am not David but will comment on this. In my opinion (based on the use of other Epson Printers (over the past 9 years) that the main importance is to occasionally agitate the Pigment inks so the pigments will continue to be properly mixed.

Also, I doubt the age has anything to do with your issue. I rarely use the Photo Black ink cartridge for my Epson 2200 and the original partially used cartridge bought with the printer close to 8 years ago seems to perform without any type issues same as when new. The reason (on the 2200) for ink usage is that I normally use Matte Papers on it since I have two Epson R800 that are used to print Luster and Glossy Photos -- (Mostly Luster).

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