Can't believe I bought another one

Started Jun 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
drummerman Regular Member • Posts: 297
Re: Can't believe I bought another one

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

Sounds to ME like you did exactly the RIGHT thing. NO IQ compromise but makes perfect sense not to thrash your big baby. I'd do much the same given that choice. The PL1 is a highly capable lens indeed. With a 20mm f1.7 slapped on the end it's a little image monster for it's size and weight.

You just paid over a grand on an all singing all dancing small M43 , weatherproof etc and you dont want to take it with you in case you trash it (in Vegas)???

Strange, strange ...

I know we're all different but its just a tool and one thats built a little tougher than others for just that purpose ... to use it where a camera that is a little tougher than others may come in handy. I am not sure if Vegas qualifies as such a location in the first place ...


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