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Oh dear god, seriously? DOF is just horrible. Get yourself a nice .0005 aperture lens so you can focus only on the boy's smile. The skin tone is dreadful, does he not go in the sun ever? You should of waited for a fish on the rod, to give some action to the shot. You took it with a Cannon dSLR? Don't you realize dSLRs are dinosaurs?! Get yourself the EM-5 post haste! And never user AWB that's just asking for trouble. Oh I give up, just stop taking photos... trying to mimic some of the typical "suggestions" some like to post. All the above is sarcasm.

Its usually never the "suggestions" but how the suggestions are offered. More often then not, in condescending tone and more often then not the suggestions just aren't practical or in line with what the photo was intended to do by the author.

Nice photo, the sun and reflections are interesting. For someone who knows the boy, it probably evokes a nice memory. I would crop a little more in, to remove some of the empty area on the right. Also seems to me the boy is looking slight to the left of the camera and has no neck. But then that is real, and not posed. But none of that is necessary to make a pleasant picture and is just what I see.

Jere Landis wrote:

Boris wrote:

You should lead by example and show every one how a proper photo is done!....otherwise it sounds like self serving drivel.

This is one of my favorites, pick away.

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