If you're interested in the XP1, what is keeping you from buying one?

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Re: Half Truths / Laziness / Fuji

For the one "No resolution gain", there is another way of seeing it.

The DPR on ISO performance, they always 100% crop. One day I was comparing NEX-5N with Nikon D3200 on ISO performance, I concluded NEX-5N was better, and somehow I was curious if Nex-5n was better than D4/D3s. So, I found Nex-5n was "sharper" than D4/D3s on the "head and face of the lady". But I knew D4/D3s must be better in high ISO performance, according to DPR. Then I found that for D4/D3s, like X-pro1, they reduced the noise in the expense of losing the "sharpness", and DPR put more weight on the "noise", more on the sharpness, therefore they rated D4/D3s ISO performance is better. And if you compare in ISO 6400, RAW of D4/D3s, xpro1, nex-7, you would see xpro1 looks "closer" to D4/D3s, that means xpro1 has "better" ISO performance.

Well, it's very personal taste. Some might like it looks "sharper", and don't care about the noise, but some might prefer much less noise, even losing "sharpness" to some degree.

Also, the 100% crop comparison chart does not mean very much. I have Fuji S3 Pro and D700. If you see the 100% on these 2 cameras, you could not see much difference in color, but on my computer, they are different. And I could recognize which one was from S3 pro. I could not adjust D700 WB to be like S3 pro, only close to. And I prefer the color rendering of S3 pro. Actually, the color of many many cameras in 100% crop looks very similar, no matter high-end or compact.

Najinsky wrote:

It's an expensive camera labeled as 'Pro' with some hyped-up new features.

The OP asks why people are holding back, people give their answers and a bunch of Fuji apologist take over the thread.

AF is subpar, lets not blame Fuji, lets blame all those lazy photographers who know how and when to use AF.

It's not environmentally sealed, lets not blame Fuji, lets blame all those careless photographers who don't keep it in a display case.

Its sensor doesn't trump the best in class, lets not blame Fuji, lets blame Adobe.

It's (...insert missing/subpar feature...), lets not blame Fuji, lets blame all those daft enough to want or need such a feature.

So yes, for the time being I'll be voting with my wallet. And I'm happy to explain to anyone who wants to know why I didn't buy it. Hopefully it will contribute in some small way to a motivation to do better next time. My fear is when people tolerate mediocrity, that's all the makers are motivated to produce.


CriticalI wrote:

Fine, don't buy one. Personally I think Adobe's guys messed up. There are quite a few issues being reported with other recent announcements. I think there were just too many new cameras released in the last few months.

If Silkypix can do it, so should Adobe.

Najinsky wrote:

Lodro Rigdzin wrote:

So actually what you're saying is: if it was a different camera I would buy it. Well, go ahead, plenty of choice in the market, but please, no more shots of letters on wine bottle labels!

Why not? It's an excellent test scene that helps users judge whether manufactures are telling porky pies in their marketing claims. That's why DPR assembled it, and this is DPR. If the test scenes showed the X Pro-1 to be superior and backed Fuji's claims would you be so quick to dismiss it?

Because I shoot everyday with a variety of cameras from compacts to SLRs (and an X100) I know my shooting styles well enough to understand that I could shoot this camera 30% of the time and be delighted with it and the results (yes I have handled and shot with the X Pro-1). But I know I would be frustrated much of the time due to omissions that appear to have been made for no apparent reason. It's not as though they were trying to keep the body size down.


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