Kenko 1.4 TC controversy???

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Re: The MC4 is great at f/5.6, decent at f/4

ljfinger wrote:

tymevest wrote:

I run test on these combinations and the 1.4X is sharpest at f/13 and the 2.0X at f/18.

Perhaps, but you're getting motion blur and having to set higher ISOs to compensate for the slow speed, so you might want to use a faster f-stop on moving subjects anyway.

The 1.4X shows more detail (in either jpg or raw) than the lens only image enlarged to that size. The 2x is slightly better than the 1.4x enlarged.

But on moving subjects, focusing performance is quite important, as your example showed, so you might be better off with less theoretical detail and more accurate focus.
Lee Jay

I agree but on this particular day I was working inside and heard a low flying plane. I grabbed the camera, ran out the door, and started shooting, no changes to the lens or setup. The plane was dusting for probably 15 minutes then moved on. It was coming in low and probably 150 mph, pulling it up and banking sharply over the house. It was passing at an angle so the distance was constantly changing. Because there wasn't time to focus most of the time, I locked the focus on a tree maybe 200-300 feet away and used that setting along with continuous shooting hoping to get a few good shots. I definitely wasn't prepared. My yard has a row of trees all around the perimeter and it blocked the view a good portion of the time.

Here are a couple of views. On the bottom picture, the plane was shot at close to 90 degrees, straight up over my porch. A second or so earlier he was behind the trees and wires, he rolled out, pulled up and banked steeply from his run.

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