Not excited about my D800

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Re: Not excited about my D800

Absolutic wrote:

I've had my D800 since March and so far I have not been overly excited about it. I read all the specs and all the glorious reviews. The truth is I realized that I don't really need 36MP. I was fine with my D700 12MP and loved that camera, the AF was great, I had 8fps with a grip, it had levers to switch from single to continuous AF, instead of pressing some button in front and scroll wheels through myriad of modes.

I got D800, but I am not sure I am using all of its features. I very rarely print photos (once in a blue moon, upon vacation) so most of my use is online archiving and sharing with friends and family. The AF I don't find better than D700. The battery life is worse. The video is a nice bonus, but my $650 Sony NEX-5n does 1080p/60fps and has silent AF at the same time and the video quality is better (at least to my eye).

the 36MP files are eating my hard drives. I spend $3K for the camera and I feel I should be enjoying it more than I am doing. I even thought about trading it for Canon 5DM3 (I have some nice Canon lenses, including the excellent 70-200 F/2.8 IS II) but I keep reading about how terrible 5DM3, how soft the images are, how its dynamic range is only 11EV vs 14.4EV on D800, how its JPEGS are mushy, etc., so I feel I have a much better spec'd camera in D800, yet there is no love affair there. Perhaps I am one of these for who D800 was not intended?

Long and short of it is that you (like many tech mavins) don't really know your tools... so why post and seemingly malign the camera?

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