Be nice, but be honest

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Re: Be nice, but be honest

Boris wrote:

You should lead by example and show every one how a proper photo is done!....otherwise it sounds like self serving drivel.

... and why is that? I've started a similar thread not long ago and had a number of 'show us how it is done' replies. Thats an absolutely pointless remark. We have eyes and if the poster of some questionable shot shows his/her posts here, whether inviting comments or not, it is absolutely ok to give your opinion, regardless whether the person commenting is able to do better.

You post, you can expect comments. As simple as that. I agree this does not have to be done in a rude way but I also agree that there are some terrible examples posted. These are not always from beginners or users of cheap or older cameras I may add.

I have deliberately chosen not to publish here until I feel I have something to show. When I do it will most probably be by link to a nicely presented site.


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