X100 or/and X-Pro1's best setting for "beautiful" B&W in camera only

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Re: Here is a few from today's street shooting session (60mm & 18mm)

No, the filters are there for a reason. When shooting B&W, red/green/yellow filters are powerful creative tools. B&W+R (red filter) will give you dramatic skies - a great effect. The green filter is good for skin tones. Yellow for night shots. But try them yourself - trial and error is the best way to learn.

If you think you will ever want to do post-processing (and the other commenters are correct that Silver Efex offers much more flexibilty, but at the cost of lots of time and effort) then shoot in RAW+JPG and whatever you do with the in-camera settings will still leave you with the unsullied RAW files for later.

Personally, I only use PP for "special" shots. I think the excellent SOOC JPGs on the X100 are one of the big attractions of the camera.

Try the red filter on a landscape - I think you will get excited.

Alexandre Ponsin wrote:

Thanks for offering a different opinion.

Based on your comments should I concluded that in order to make usage of all color channels for the in camera conversion I should shoot with a B&W profile with no filter applied? These days I shoot with the B&W + Yellow filter because it increases the contrast a bit, should I just shoot the "standard" B&W ?


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