Not excited about my D800

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Re: Not excited about my D800

It's quite obvious that at this point in technology a 36 mp camera will not have a fast frame rate. One reason I opted for buying the Nikon D4 as well. I do not have my D800 yet ( still waiting for B&H) but have done a lot of reading about it. If you are using pro FX lenses with it as you should, the quality of the images is unsurpassed IMO. Also low light performance seems to be quite good despite craming 36 mp on a full frame sensor.

The strengths of a camera like the D4 compliment the D800 IMO. Incredible low light performance and very fast frame rate without an extra battery pack like I have on my current D300. Don't get me wrong, the trusty old D300 has served me very well over the past 4 or 5 years but it is time for me to move forward.

The purchaser should have reserched the camera and matched it with his needs before buying. As I recall the D700 was around the same price as the D800 when it first came out. True, the frame rate of the D800 is quite a bit slower than the frame rate of the D700. However the trade off is much higher quality photos and (for me) the 36 mp D800 can be used with say a 300mm quality lens and effectively double its range by cropping or shooting in DX mode. At $3000 the D800 sounds like a true bargain comapred to the D700. But if speed is what you wanted you should have kept your D700 or popped for the D4 as well. Just my personal opinion. The combination of the D4 and the D800 will serve me well for years to come for the types of photography that I do, and yes, I will be carrying both bodies, each with different range lenses.

In any event I do not agree that the D800 is not an impressive camera. The camera is so impressive in fact that Nikon cannot keep up with production and people are having to wait months to get one ( including me).

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