Selecting two separate AF points on the 5d3?

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Re: Selecting two separate AF points on the 5d3?

1. You can register an AF point and assign a button to switch to it. (say the top left AF point). Then, you can select and use any AF point as you usually do (e.g. selecting the bottom right AF point to focus on one person) and with a simple button press switch to your registered AF point (top left) to focus on the second person.

Obviously, these two people will only be in focus at the same time if the selected depth of field is sufficient.

I find the registered AF point hard to use in my general photography because my scenes vary too much to rely on a single registered AF point to help. What works well for me though is:

2. A custom function controls the behavior when navigating through the grid of AF points. The default behavior will stop movement when you reach any edge of the grid. The other option is to jump to the opposite side of the grid. I like this option a lot as it allows a one touch navigation between the 4 corner points that (almost) mark the rule of thirds.

Please consult the manual for the exact names and how to set these options.

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