Not excited about my D800

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Re: Not excited about my D800

gregp701 wrote:

I began to realize that I really loved my D7000 and found it hard to believe a newer camera could be THAT much better. To be honest, the D800 isn't THAT much better but it is more capable and isn't that the reason we upgrade?

It is funny to read this.
I just got my D800 and I also have a D7000 (or used to).

I was expecting D800 to have same pixel level quality as D7000's one since they have similar pixel size and same technology.

I was really surprised that D800 pixel quality is noticebly better, sharper with less noise.
I sold my D7000 following day.
There are a couple of things on D7000 that I like better.
The shutter noise is much quieter and CDAF focus speed is much faster.
However pictures coming from D800 certainly have wow factor.

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