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Re: Shooting Manual

Hi Denwill, thanks for the response. I responded earlier but, I forgot to mention your name so, it was unclear as to who I was responding too.

How the camera feels in my hands is important also. This past weekend, I was able to handle a couple of brands, (Nikon and Canon) but, they felt a little too small. I'm sure I would get use to it but, it does have to be comfortable and I don't want to drop it. You hit the nail on the head with the other considerations that you listed.

Thanks for your help.

DenWil wrote:

As another photographer who shoots in full manual - functionality just swell- I'd suggest checking which lenses you like- some are available with aperture dials, some not, and some which require turning the AF off manually. There is also the Zeiss lens option for many cameras.

Since the camera bells and whistles are of less relevance the sensor size, FF or crop, and MP and resultant IQ and lens options may be the deciding factor for the brand you buy in to. No less important how the camera body feels in your hand.

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